Step Inside the World of Bushmaster

Whether it's helping soldiers secure our freedom, protecting a police officer in the line of duty, keeping families safe and sound, hunting big game, or bringing home a coveted competition trophy, we understand the important role that Bushmaster plays in the lives of our customers. That's why, for us, building rifles and carbines is more than a job-it's a passion. We invite you to step inside our world and experience this passion of Bushmaster for yourself.


Bushmaster military carbines and rifles are helping defend freedom around the world. Proven in the most severe conditions, rugged and reliable Bushmasters are lightweight, accurate, and easy to shoot and maintain.
So whether duty calls you to the jungle or the desert... to mountain snows or urban landscapes... highly adaptable Bushmaster weapon systems are battle tested and field ready.


Retired Marine Corps Gen. Michael W. Hagee Appointed to Bushmaster Firearms International, Board of Directors.

Home Defense

With a Bushmaster for security and home defense, you can sleep tight knowing that your loved ones are protected. Bushmaster offers everything you need to ensure the safety of you and your family. Our high-quality pistols, carbines, and rifles are extremely reliable, easy to shoot, and include lightweight carbon models that are perfect for women. And with their intimidating looks, all Bushmasters make a serious impression. Any gun will make an intruder think. A Bushmaster will make them think twice.


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Everything you need in a hunting gun and more.
Start with agility. With a simple snap-change of the upper assembly, you can switch in seconds from hunting varmints to stalking big game.

A Big Boar Requires a "Big Bore"

Accuracy and reliability? Whether your prey is a prairie dog at 600 yards or a charging hog that's lost his sense of humor, you can rely on your Bushmaster for both pinpoint accuracy and quick follow-up shots.

The Varmint Hunters AssociationThe Varmint Hunters Association was founded in 1991 for the benefit of those shooters who seek the highly refined accuracy necessary for the taking of smaller game at longer distances. LEARN MORE

RealTree® Camouflage Furniture

Camouflage makes a great addition to your hunting rifle.



How Accurate Is a Bushmaster?
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Will your name be on the Bushmaster Cup?
This Prestigious Bushmaster Cup will be awarded to the Individual with the highest overall shooting score of the Mountain Man Aggregate using a Factory Bushmaster Rifle. (factory trigger excluded) Mountain Man Aggregate is: Combined shooting score of: President's 100 Match, National Trophy Individual Match, and the National Trophy Team Matches. Bushmaster will be awarding two Cups: 1 to Top Junior, and 1 to the Overall Champion. CMP is accepting online registrations, and will have entry forms at the event registration building. Register Here Online.


Pick of the Month

Whether your idea of a good time is a Saturday afternoon at the sandpits or day at the range with your pals, a Bushmaster can seriously increase your fun factor. With its long-distance accuracy, unlimited adaptability, and semi-automatic firing capability, a Bushmaster can really get your adrenaline pumping. In fact, you'll never look at a can or target the same way again.

Who knew that practice could be this much fun?


Straight Shooter

Libby and her new Bushmaster Varminter rifle proved to be an unbeatable combination at recent varmint hunt in Wyoming. Her long-range accuracy matched that of the rifle.