How Accurate is a Bushmaster?

We are often asked this question at Trade Shows and on our Sales Department phone lines, and we usually counter by asking "How well can you shoot?", because as most shooters agree, the gun is only a tool and the skill and experience of the operator is a crucial factor in the quest for accuracy.

We think we make a great "tool" - the quality materials, quality control and craftsmanship we build into every Bushmaster rifle give it the potential for exceptional accuracy. To back up that belief, we thought we'd show you some targets that were sent in recently by a gun writer friend of ours - Steve Malloy.

Steve writes for SWAT Magazine among others, and he had asked to test a Bushmaster in V Match DCM configuration. By way of description, this would be a rifle with a flat-top upper receiver, our tubular aluminum free-floating handguard and our extra heavy DCM Competition barrel (20", 1 in 8" twist). This rifle also featured our 2 stage competition trigger, and for accessories, Steve requested a Harris Bi-Pod setup and our Bushmaster Modular Accessories System Mini Risers to get his scope comfortably up off the flat-top upper.

This combination - in Steve's capable hands - yielded some impressive results. See for yourself, and remember that these were shot at 300 yards...(the scale of the scans varies as you'll see by the differing bullet hole sizes.)

This 300 yard, 5 shot group measures 2.422" and was shot with PMC 52 Grain Hollow Point.

Steve Malloy - Target 1

This target shows a 9 shot group measuring 2.295". Steve said to discount his "sighter" which punched the target at the lower left. (PMC 52 Grain Hollow Point / 300 yds.)

Steve Malloy - Target 2

This next group (5 shots) measures 2.240" - again, PMC 52 Grain Hollow Point.

Steve Malloy - Target 3

Steve then moved in to the 100 yard range, and shot this group with PMC 50 Grain Blitz ammo; prone position, using a rest. The 10 shot group measured .627 inches.

Steve Malloy - Target 4

A second 10 shot group - 100 yards - .720 inches - prone from rest - shot with Black Hills 50 Grain V-Max.

Steve Malloy - Target 4


Jeff Quinn - Dime ShotAnother gun-writer - Jeff Quinn - runs a nice website called borrowed one of our "Bushmaster Varminters" and had nothing but praise for it. Check out the next photo he took of a 1/4" group he printed with the Varminter at 100 yards. His unaltered photo caption is below - Thanks, Jeff.

"The Bushmaster Varminter was able to group three shots into 1/4" at 100 yards with regularity using the super-accurate Barnes VLC bullets. The worst groups shot from the bench rest were 3/4" at 100 yards! The representative 1/4" group shown above (that's a DIME shown for comparison!) show the Varminter to be one seriously accurate rifle!"


So How Accurate is YOUR Bushmaster?

That's up to you and your ammunition choice. Take one out and see what you can do with it! If you're proud of the results, share them with us. Post your targets with all pertinent details (ammo, range, sights, conditions) on our Facebook page.