RealTree® Camouflage Furniture

RealTree Camouflage Furniture

Price: $39.95
Part No: 9349059-C

Product Description:

Add RealTree® Camouflage to your AR Type
Rifle - perfect fitting, easy replacements for your carbine or rifle
that are tank dipped in RealTree® Camouflage Pattern film. True to
nature, tough and beautiful, these make a great addition to your
hunting rifle. Sold individually or in Stock/Grip/Handguard Sets.

• RealTree® Camo Rifle Length Handguards (9349059-C)

• A2 Std. Buttstock with RealTree® Camo (9349119-C)

• Std. Pistol Grip with RealTree® Camo (9349127-C)

• RealTree® Camo CAR Handguards (1005-914-4572C)

• RealTree® Camo CAR Furniture SET (CAMO-RT-CAR)

• RealTree® Camo Rifle Furniture SET (CAMO-RT-RIFLE)

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